Thank you for visiting our website – I am pleased to welcome you to Akaal Primary School.

It is my privilege, as Head Teacher, to take this opportunity to give you an introduction to our vibrant and caring primary school.

We are a Sikh Faith school and we opened in September 2015 via the government Free School programme. We began with 23 children in a handful of Portkabins on the site of the Sri Singh Sabha Gurdwara car park. Here we stayed for 3 years and expanded our number to 100 children. This September has been really exciting for us as we have now moved into our brand new, purpose built school, moving locations from Harrington Street to Grange Avenue. It has been quite a journey and, if you would like to know more about our development, please visit the "Our Story" section of the website.

You may be wondering what a Sikh Faith school actually is. Throughout our website you will see many references to how our faith designation influences the way the school works, but in brief our school welcomes pupils of all faith backgrounds, and none, and we put values at the heart of everything we do.

Our Values are those which can be identified by all faith groups and the wider community, in fact by good human beings across the world, as the code by which we should live. Our children live in very difficult times and core to our purpose is to prepare them to be effective, compassionate adults with the courage and conviction to make things better. We use a range of approaches to ensure that our children regularly meet our values, and are challenged by them, in increasing levels of maturity and responsibility as they grow through the school. Exploring our website further, or indeed talking to our pupils, will give you more information about our chosen approaches.

We are proud of the way we teach the National Curriculum, particularly our approach to mastery learning and our thematic learning, culminating in a termly Learning Challenge. We believe that our children deserve to experience as much as life has to offer and we work tirelessly to provide opportunities and learning experiences to develop well-rounded and able learners.

Setting up a school from scratch is the most challenging thing my colleagues and I have ever done. The journey is far from over and we are focused on improving the school until we can say that we are outstanding in all areas. One thing is certain - I am proud to have such keen and open pupils along with capable and committed colleagues.

I hope that you enjoy exploring the rest of the website to gain deeper insight into our school.

Of course, the best way to discover what we are all about is to come and visit us. Please call to arrange an appointment and our children will be happy to share their learning with you.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon.

Mrs Julie Fellowes
Head Teacher

Our School

The Akaal Primary School is a state-funded Free School in Derby. We opened as a Sikh faith primary school on September 7th 2015.

Current Classes

Class Birth Date
Reception September 2013 - August 2014
Year 1 September 2012 to August 2013
Year 2 September 2011 to August 2012
Year 3 September 2010 to August 2011
Year 4 September 2009 to August 2010

Our Location

Grange Avenue
DE23 8DG

Our Vision

Our teachers and other staff will inspire every child to achieve excellence in academic, creative, sporting, social, spiritual and physical areas, regardless of their background, social status, gender or religious belief. Our vision is rooted in excellence of education, holistic development and parental and community participation.

The vision is underpinned by the Sikh ethos and will provide a value-based education for character building so that all our pupils become confident and valued members of society. We will specialise in literacy and numeracy.

Our intention is to bring together all members of the school and parental community to create an environment of mutual respect, care and tolerance so that our pupils achieve the highest goals and contribute to the welfare of all without discrimination.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop all-round excellence in pupils so that they become good, tolerant and understanding citizens. The highest standards of teaching will be complemented by a wide range of extra-curricular activities to enable all the children to fulfil their academic, creative and sporting potential.

Guided by an ethos rooted in Sikh principles, the children of Akaal Primary School will develop the attributes, skills and aspirations necessary to make the most of their lives.

Our Unique Features

Some of the unique features of Akaal Primary School include:

  • High aspirations for all.
  • Value based education.
  • Thematic learning.
  • Extended school day (8:30am to 3:30pm).
  • Enrichment classes.
  • Whole child development.
  • Personalised education and care.
  • Family and community focus with focus on pupil well-being.

Our Aspirations

To achieve our mission we will expect pupils to:

  • Have high expectations in all they do.
  • Respond positively to challenging learning activities.
  • Take increasing responsibility for their own learning.
  • Develop a love of learning that remains a lifelong legacy.
  • Show respect for each other and their environment.
Julie Fellowes

Julie Fellowes

Headteacher, Governor & DSL
Mrs Heather Carr

Mrs Heather Carr

Assistant Head Teacher, Yr 2 Teacher, Literacy Lead, DDSL & Staff Governor

Mrs Ann Gilligan-Smith

School Business Manager
Mrs Catherine Arundel

Mrs Catherine Arundel

Reception Teacher & Forest School Lead

Mrs Navneet Rai

Year 1 Teacher & Wellbeing Lead
Mrs Sonia Wallis

Mrs Sonia Wallis

Yr 3 Teacher - SENCo & Maths Lead

Mr Matthew Hallam

Year 4 Teaacher

Mr Daniel Peggs

Additional Needs Teacher
Mrs Karolina Lenton-Chodynska

Mrs Karolina Lenton-Chodynska

Teaching Assistant & EAL Lead
Mrs Jaswinder Kaur Bassi

Mrs Jaswinder Kaur Bassi

EYFS Teaching Assistant

Mrs Amandeep Garcha

Teaching Assistant
Suzar Chauhan

Suzar Chauhan


Mrs Laura Davey

Admin Assistant & Lunchtime Supervisor
Daljit Singh Virk

Daljit Singh Virk

Chair of Governors
Paramjit Kaur

Paramjit Kaur

Vice Chair of Governors
Vicki Kavanagh

Vicki Kavanagh

Adviser to the Governing Body
Frank Kowles

Frank Kowles

Adviser to the Governing Body
Navjot Kaur Virk

Navjot Kaur Virk

Elaine Bowen

Elaine Bowen


Tirath Singh Dhatt


Sarbjit Bitter


Rod Dubrow-Marshall


Mike Purewal


Mr Michael Fellowes


Mr Kenny Daglish

Prince William Award

Miss Jo Walker


Mr Harpal Manku


Miss Tarnjot Kaur

Mrs Saima Naseer

Mrs Saima Naseer

Catering Team
Mrs Narinder Kaur

Mrs Narinder Kaur

Catering Team

Mrs Sukhvinder Shergill

Catering Team
Mrs Jasbir Fagura

Mrs Jasbir Fagura

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Harjit Singh

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Mehwish Khaliq

Lunchtime Supervisor
Sikh Faith

The ethos of Akaal Primary School is based upon core Sikh values. The Sikh faith is unequivocal in arguing the case for complete equality, tolerance and respect for all. It leaves no doubt that we must all take responsibility for ourselves stressing the importance of personal integrity.

Tolerance and respect must not be confined to the mere expressing of noble principles but must be reflected in the service of all those around us and beyond. The Sikh faith will support the children of Akaal Primary School to make the most of the opportunities available to them.

Key Sikh Principles

Sikhism is based on the principles of liberty, fraternity and equality. The Sikh religion treats all humanity equal regardless of caste, creed, ethnicity, gender and origin, and respects the values, customs and rights of every individual. It believes in no oppression and segregation within the society. A Sikh while maintaining individuality, identity and uniqueness is supposed to live and integrate in the society without discrimination. The guiding Sikh principles for the vision are:

Naam Japna

Individual and collective welfare for creating mental peace and self-management to reduce impulsive anti-social behaviour and to realise corporate responsibility for well-being for all.

Vand Chhakana

Learning to share all forms of wealth such as money, skills, knowledge and other resources with all to create equality in society.


Service beyond self as selfless service to humanity equals service to God in the Sikh faith.

Kirat Karni

Economic independence through earning an honest living.

Over the centuries these powerful principles have inspired Sikhs to take responsibility for themselves, care for others and reach for more.

Further Information

Please download our leaflet on the Sikh Faith for more information.

Download Our Sikh Faith Leaflet

Akaal Primary school is supported by Singh Sabha Gurdwara. For more information, please visit their website:

Visit the Singh Sabha Gurdwara Website

School Meals

Vegetarian meals

At Akaal Primary School, we will be serving only vegetarian meals. Eating only vegetarian meals is traditionally practiced by members of the Sikh religion, and Derby’s Gurdwaras provide vegetarian meals in their all-inclusive free kitchens.

The Gurdwaras promote vegetarian diet and a lifestyle that is healthy, spiritually uplifting and environmentally responsible.

Why vegetarian?

Vegetarian meals are very healthy. A well balanced vegetarian diet is known to give a wide range of health benefits. Research has shown vegetarians suffer less heart disease, have lower blood pressure and are less likely to become obese.

Derby is a multi-faith city and serving vegetarian food, which is acceptable in all faiths, will avoid the school having to use multiple types of meat preparations for pupils of different faiths.

Vegetarian food is better for the environment, as animals demand large amounts of food and water to provide meat. With an increasing world population, diverting scarce resources to provide vegetarian food will enable communities to live more sustainably.

What does that mean for my child?

If your child does not eat meat or fish, then they will be able to continue with their usual diet.

If your child currently eats meat and/or fish then, once a day, they will eat a vegetarian meal at school. This will include healthy proteins and fats derived from pulses (beans, seeds and soya, for example) and will sometimes include dairy products such as cheese. Your child will still be able to eat meat and fish at home for their other meals, of course.

Only a quarter of people manage to eat the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. One vegetarian meal a day at school will go a long way to meeting the 5-a-day requirement.

We hope that all parents will want their children to join others and take a lunch-time vegetarian school meal. Where parents prefer their child to bring a packed lunch, we will not restrict what they bring.

Did you know?

A well balanced vegetarian diet is known to bestow a wide range of health benefits. Research has shown vegetarians to suffer less heart disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes, various cancers, diverticular disease, bowel disorders, gall stones, kidney stones and osteoporosis.

Vegetarian Society

As populations grow, lowering meat consumption worldwide will allow more efficient use of declining per capita land and water resources, while at the same time making grain more affordable to the world's chronically hungry.

Worldwatch Institute

A substantial reduction of impacts (from agriculture) would only be possible with a substantial worldwide diet change, away from animal products.

United Nations Environment Programme

The current UK population is 62.3 million. Most recent statistics indicate that 2% of adults and children are vegetarian (not eating meat or fish). This amounts to over 1.2 million individuals.

Office for National Statistics (2012)

Avoid fast foods.

Our society is fast diverting from three good meals a day to a snack culture by eating smaller meals throughout the day with little need for cooking.

This has led to a “takeaway culture” and increasing consumption of fast foods. These contain high levels of fat and sugar. In England in 2014, 64% of adults and about 30% of children were overweight or obese.

Curb food & drink emissions

Everyone will agree that school meals should contribute to reduced carbon emissions.

In the UK, 28% of our carbon dioxide emissions come from food and drink production, of which meat is the most important single contributor.

A shift towards a vegetarian diet is an obvious choice to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.