Our Vision

High academic achievement for all

We aim to produce pupils who will excel in academic achievement, and for the school to exceed national average standards. We will lay the foundation of education on pupils’ excellence in literacy, so that we serve our majority group of EAL students well. Language learning skills will be interwoven throughout our curriculum; numeracy will have a similarly strong focus. All groups of pupils, including disadvantaged pupils, will achieve as well as other pupils in the school through our high-quality provision. Pupils will develop a love of learning.

We have set high targets for the school in section 4 so that we can achieve the key tenets of the Sikh faith: economic independence through honest earning (Kirat Karni) and develop mentally for logical inquiry through self-reflection (Naam Japna).

High moral values and exemplary behaviour

Our school will be safe place where every pupil will feel valued, respected and secure. There will be mutual trust, respect and fair treatment for all. Pupils will show exemplary behaviour towards visitors, peers, parents, senior citizens and community members. They will show the high levels of tolerance and understand that they need to allow every person to have space and they will respect the views of others. Pupils will readily participate in community work and contribute to social cohesion regardless of social status, colour, gender or ethnic background. They will demonstrate their contribution through the service element of the PYP.

We have set challenging targets for behaviour in section 4. The primary aspects of our Sikh values reflected in this outcome are: economic independence through honest earning (Kirat Karni); service beyond self (Sewa); and learning to share (Vand Chhakana).

All-round holistic pupil development

We want our pupils to have the highest expectations of their personal potential in the areas of social, moral, spiritual, cultural, physical and mental development. All pupils will become articulate, confident and self-aware, and make good choices about lifestyle, diet and activities that promote health. All pupils will show good all-round achievement and will excel in the areas in which they are talented. We will foster a healthy sense of competition, particularly in sport, where we will provide a range of options in the curriculum, in enrichment activities and in after-school clubs.

We have included targets in this area in section 4 so that we achieve one of the key tenets of the Sikh faith: individual and collective welfare (Naam Japna).

Family-centred children with an international outlook

Our school will promote home–school partnerships, with the school as a community hub. Parents will be integral part of pupils’ learning through their own learning, participation in school life, and feedback from the school. We will strive to create a strong inter-community cohesion centred on the school. Our global outlook will help pupils’ to learn about their inter-community heritage and create sensitivity among pupils so that they understand and appreciate views and culture of others in very diverse cultures. Pupils will establish links with their countries of origin, and with other communities in the UK and throughout the world.

We have set targets for this area in section 4. The primary aspects of the Sikh values reflected in this outcome are: individual and collective welfare (Naam Japna); service beyond self (Sewa); and learning to share (Vand Chhakana).

Further Information

Please take a look at the following leaflets for more information.

Download Our Inclusivity Leaflet

Download Our Uniqueness Leaflet


The curriculum of Akaal Primary School is based on the two key elements of our vision: a Sikh ethos and a strong focus on literacy development. Our curriculum is broad, balanced and thematic. We teach the content and skills of the National Curriculum, including the programmes of study in English and Mathematics, so that our pupils will enter secondary education with a secure base of knowledge and understanding on which to build. We provide religious education and collective worship that meets the needs of children of all faiths and none.

The Mastery approach is core to our planning and delivery. The majority of pupils will 'master' the relevant objectives, with some pupils working 'at greater depth'. Pupils are assessed using the definitions 'Developing', 'Achieving Age Related Expectations (ARE)', and 'Exceeding ARE'. Those working at greater depth will be exceeding ARE.

Akaal Primary School teaches Phonics using the Read, Write, Inc. (RWI) approach. In addition to using this approach to develop reading, we use book-banding to ensure that pupils reading development is appropriate, supported by accessible resources.

We deliver a broad curriculum, using the National Curriculum. High priority is given to the core subjects English, Mathematics and Science. Non-core foundation subjects such as History, Geography, Art, Technology, ICT, RE, Modern Foreign Languages, Music and PE will be taught using a thematic approach, emphasising literacy and creativity. The termly thematic work includes weekly 'mini-missions', and each theme culminates with a 'Learning Challenge', where the knowledge and skills gained across the term are used independently.

In addition to the curriculum offer, pupils are able to take part in a Faith Development lesson, currently focused on the study of the Sikh faith. Families are able to make an alternative provision choice at this time.

The Reception curriculum is taught through a number of topic areas. Each topic area will address the following learning areas of the Foundation Stage:

  • Personal/Social/Emotional Development.
  • Communication/Language and Literacy (including Phonics).
  • Mathematical Development.
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World (including language awareness).
  • Physical Development (including games, dance and team based activities).
  • Creative Development (drawing, painting, creating, building and other projects).

If you would like to find out more about our curriculum, please contact the school and we will be happy to share our approach in more detail.

Parents & Guardians

Parents, carers and legal guardians will be, without doubt, Akaal Primary School’s most important partners. Our ethos will be one of working actively with them to enhance the achievement and attainment of all pupils. We will ensure that parents/guardians will be kept fully informed about their child’s learning and will be encouraged to share in the activities of Akaal Primary School by:

  • Providing a regular newsletter setting out what the children will be learning and how they can offer support at home.
  • Putting curriculum information in the newsletter/website when appropriate.
  • Supporting parents by encouraging them to read daily with their children.
  • Sharing teaching strategies with parents to give them the necessary tools to support their children with homework.
  • Providing opportunities for parents to find out about their children’s progress and targets through open evenings, informal meetings and both verbal and written reports.
  • Liaising with school via home-school books where appropriate (e.g. to support behaviour).
  • Providing learning opportunities for parents and carers through Family Learning.
Extra-curricular Activities

Learning at Akaal Primary School will go beyond the normal school day and will provide an excellent provision for its pupils and the local community both pre and post school.

Breakfast Club

This will run from 8.00am to 8.30am and, in addition to breakfast, will offer a range of fun activities.

Morning Reflection

From 8.30am to 8.45am there will be a voluntary opportunity for pupils to partake in daily Sikh worship. For those students who don’t wish to be involved there will be other options available such as library time and learning activities.

Personal Development Time

This additional hour will form part of the normal school day and will allow pupils to engage in activities aimed at supporting and complementing their learning, to take part in sports and physical activities, to pursue their interests in the arts and to learn community languages.

After School Club

This will complete the provision of wrap around care for those pupils who need it, and is likely to run until 6 pm.

Adult Learning

Serving the local community is at the core of our vision and we have a clear aspiration to develop as a community hub. We will stay open in the evenings (and potentially Saturday mornings) to provide classes in languages, citizenship, ICT, fitness and any other areas of learning identified by our community.


Enrichment is a part of the extended school day. It will give pupils an opportunity to cover core subjects as well as art, sport, design technology and computing. Various strands will be offered to pupils covering academic activities, religious studies, sports, languages, art, music, dance and drama.

Further Information

Please download our leaflet on Wrap Around Care for more information.

Download Our Wrap Around Care Leaflet

Pastoral Care

We intend to operate smaller groups for English and Mathematics by using a mix of senior staff, additional support and intervention staff, and teaching assistants to provide the additional resources that will ensure we meet the needs of all pupils. There will also be some whole-school approaches. We will introduce:

  • A buddying system, where older children support our new arrivals or those who are feeling vulnerable. They will be trained, and have support from staff.
  • A friendship bench, where those in need of a chat, or a friend, can sit and a trained buddy (or indeed any child) will come and join them to talk about what is worrying them.
  • A restorative justice approach to deal with situations where there is disagreement or where problems occur.
  • An elected school council which will give pupils a real voice in the way the school is run from day to day.

Our pastoral support arrangements will be supplemented by a wide-ranging personal, social and health education programme and the use of ‘Circle Time’ as part of the curriculum so that important issues and messages can be shared, particularly reinforcing good patterns of behaviour and work.

We will ensure all safeguarding arrangements are fully in place.

Our School

We opened a Sikh faith primary school on September 7th 2015. We currently have Reception, Year 1, Year 2 & Year 3 classes. We pride ourselves in providing high academic standards, with all round development of children from all ethnic backgrounds, to ensure our children become good citizens of the UK.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop well rounded individuals based on excellence in education, moral values, health and wellbeing, independence of thought, aspirational mind-set and social cohesion regardless of background, social status or religious beliefs.

Show Support

There are many ways in which members of the community can support us in running the school. This could be as a school governor, coming to hear children read or running an after school club. Please contact us if you would be interested in being involved.

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