Learning Challenge


In spring 2019, parents were invited to attend our "Under Construction Learning Challenge":

"What can we build in the forest?"

A great time was had by the children and their families that attended and we all had an enjoyable time building bug houses, dens and shelters.

It really was lovely to see families all working together towards a task in our beautiful surroundings.

Year 1

During the Spring term our topic was called ‘It’s a Bugs Life’. This topic led us on a journey about insects and wild animals. We looked at the lives of an animals through a variety of mediums. We researched facts, created profiles and became detectives in our school forest. For our learning away, we visited Twycross Zoo. We had a wonderful time and this led us to creating zoos for our learning challenge. Our learning challenge was ‘Can we bring the zoo to Akaal?’. We created the most amazing zoos using a range of materials, technology and skill. Check out the pictures. Can you make a zoo?

Year 1

Year 2

In Hope class, our last Learning Challenge was “The Great Akaal Kite-Off”. We spent the week creating and testing kites – they were made of different materials, had different length ‘leads’, were different shapes and were decorated in different ways. We reviewed each kite and then chose the most effective one to compete in “The Great Akaal Kite-Off”!

Learning Challenge day arrived. We set up with fans in the hall (the wind let us down!) and competed against each other, two teams at a time. Our esteemed judge Mr Peggs had the final say in which group won, and then we all went outside so that our parents could have a go with our kites. It was a fantastic learning challenge and we can’t wait for our next one!

Year 2

Year 3

Spring Term - How to train your dragon...to dance

A Chinese spectacle – the children worked together to create a 7 metre long dragon with a papier-mâché head, decorated the body, made tassels in the Akaal colours that hung off the body. They learned about Chinese traditions and watched video clips about Chinese dance. They worked together to choreograph a dragon dance which we performed for our parents. We made fortune cookie and shared them with our parents – the children had a wonderful time writing their own fortunes here are a few of the ones that we wrote:

  • Don’t pursue happiness – create it.
  • If you want the rainbow, you have to tolerate the rain.
  • Big journeys begin with a single step

So did we train our dragon to dance? Very much so, yes!

Year 3

Year 4

Our last learning challenge was based around the Wonders of the World. The children had to work in groups to create a list of 7 different wonders of the world, which would be presented to the parents, who would then vote on which list they found to be the best, based on the content, the presentation and the artwork. They then had to prepare a script, which was reduced down to cue cards. Following this, they had to create a piece of art based on the different styles of art they had looked at during the term. These included sketches and models. Practicing was critical to the success of the challenge, so their presentations on why their list was the best but had to be carefully rehearsed so that they could put forward the best argument to impress the children.

All of the children put forward an excellent argument, and in the end the list of the seven “Towers of the World” won the vote, however all of the children worked very hard and showed great courage by being willing to perform in front of the parents.