Thank you for visiting our website – I am pleased to welcome you to Akaal Primary School.

It is my privilege, as Head Teacher, to take this opportunity to give you an introduction to our vibrant and caring primary school.

We are a Sikh Faith school and we opened in September 2015 via the government Free School programme. We began with 23 children in a handful of Portkabins on the site of the Sri Singh Sabha Gurdwara car park. Here we stayed for 3 years and expanded our number to 100 children. This September has been really exciting for us as we have now moved into our brand new, purpose built school, moving locations from Harrington Street to Grange Avenue. It has been quite a journey and, if you would like to know more about our development, please visit the "Our Story" section of the website.

You may be wondering what a Sikh Faith school actually is. Throughout our website you will see many references to how our faith designation influences the way the school works, but in brief our school welcomes pupils of all faith backgrounds, and none, and we put values at the heart of everything we do.

Our Values are those which can be identified by all faith groups and the wider community, in fact by good human beings across the world, as the code by which we should live. Our children live in very difficult times and core to our purpose is to prepare them to be effective, compassionate adults with the courage and conviction to make things better. We use a range of approaches to ensure that our children regularly meet our values, and are challenged by them, in increasing levels of maturity and responsibility as they grow through the school. Exploring our website further, or indeed talking to our pupils, will give you more information about our chosen approaches.

We are proud of the way we teach the National Curriculum, particularly our approach to mastery learning and our thematic learning, culminating in a termly Learning Challenge. We believe that our children deserve to experience as much as life has to offer and we work tirelessly to provide opportunities and learning experiences to develop well-rounded and able learners.

Setting up a school from scratch is the most challenging thing my colleagues and I have ever done. The journey is far from over and we are focused on improving the school until we can say that we are outstanding in all areas. One thing is certain - I am proud to have such keen and open pupils along with capable and committed colleagues.

I hope that you enjoy exploring the rest of the website to gain deeper insight into our school.

Of course, the best way to discover what we are all about is to come and visit us. Please call to arrange an appointment and our children will be happy to share their learning with you.

Thank you and we hope to see you soon.

Mrs Julie Fellowes
Head Teacher

Parents, carers and legal guardians, addressed as Akaal Families in our correspondence, are without doubt, Akaal Primary School’s most important partners. Our ethos is one of working actively with them to enhance the achievement and attainment of all pupils. We will ensure that parents/guardians will be kept fully informed about their child’s learning and encouraged to share in the activities of Akaal Primary School by:

  • Providing a regular newsletter setting out what the children will be learning and how they can offer support at home.
  • Putting curriculum information in the newsletter/website when appropriate.
  • Providing a termly "open" session, where parents can join their children in their learning. This will operate in all classes from Reception to Yr6.
  • Supporting parents by encouraging them to read daily with their children.
  • Sharing teaching strategies with parents to give them the necessary tools to support their children with homework.
  • Providing opportunities for parents to find out about their children’s progress and targets through open evenings, informal meetings and both verbal and written reports.
  • Liaising with school via home-school books where appropriate (e.g. to support behaviour).
  • Providing learning opportunities for parents and carers through Family Learning.