Extra-curricular Activities

Extra-curricular Activities

Learning at Akaal Primary School will go beyond the normal school day and will provide excellent provision for its pupils and the local community both pre and post school.

Breakfast Club

This runs from 7:50am to 8:30am and, in addition to breakfast, will offer a range of fun activities. Prices are currently 50p per day (without breakfast) and £1 per day with breakfast.

Morning Reflection

From 8:30am to 8:45am there will be a voluntary opportunity for pupils to partake in daily Sikh worship. For those students who don’t wish to be involved they will be invited to say their own faith appropriate prayer, or to reflect more generally on the things in their life that they are thankful for.

Personal Development Time

This additional hour will form part of the normal school day and will allow pupils to engage in activities aimed at supporting and complementing their learning, to take part in sports and physical activities, to pursue their interests in the arts and to learn community languages.

After School Club

This will complete the provision of wrap around care for those pupils who need it, and is likely to run from 4:35pm until 6:00pm. This is something that is still in development.

Adult Learning

Serving the local community is at the core of our vision and we have a clear aspiration to develop as a community hub. We will stay open in the evenings (and potentially Saturday mornings) to provide classes in languages, citizenship, ICT, fitness and any other areas of learning identified by our community. This is something that is still in development.


Enrichment is a part of the extended school day. It gives pupils an opportunity to cover core subjects as well as art, sport, design technology and computing. Various strands will be offered to pupils covering academic activities, religious studies, sports, languages, art, music, dance and drama. We are proud to be partners with SkillForce to offer the Prince William Award (PWA), with YogaBugs to offer Yoga development to our smallest children, and to have access to our own Forest School area.

Further Information

Please download our leaflet on Wrap Around Care for more information.

Download Our Wrap Around Care Leaflet