Sikh Faith

Sikh Faith

The ethos of Akaal Primary School is based upon core Sikh values. The Sikh faith is unequivocal in arguing the case for complete equality, tolerance and respect for all. It leaves no doubt that we must all take responsibility for ourselves stressing the importance of personal integrity.

Tolerance and respect must not be confined to the mere expressing of noble principles but must be reflected in the service of all those around us and beyond. The Sikh faith will support the children of Akaal Primary School to make the most of the opportunities available to them.

Key Sikh Principles

Sikhism is based on the principles of liberty, fraternity and equality. The Sikh religion treats all humanity equal regardless of caste, creed, ethnicity, gender and origin, and respects the values, customs and rights of every individual. It believes in no oppression and segregation within the society. A Sikh while maintaining individuality, identity and uniqueness is supposed to live and integrate in the society without discrimination. The guiding Sikh principles for the vision are:

Naam Japna

Individual and collective welfare for creating mental peace and self-management to reduce impulsive anti-social behaviour and to realise corporate responsibility for well-being for all.

Vand Chhakana

Learning to share all forms of wealth such as money, skills, knowledge and other resources with all to create equality in society.


Service beyond self as selfless service to humanity equals service to God in the Sikh faith.

Kirat Karni

Economic independence through earning an honest living.

Over the centuries these powerful principles have inspired Sikhs to take responsibility for themselves, care for others and reach for more.

Further Information

Please download our leaflet on the Sikh Faith for more information.

Download Our Sikh Faith Leaflet

Akaal Primary school is supported by Singh Sabha Gurdwara. For more information, please visit their website:

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