Year 1

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Home Learning

Over the course of lockdown, the teaching staff at Akaal Primary school have endeavoured to provide education and home learning to help the children at home with routine, structure and education.

We have used the Zoom application to provide a safe education space for children and host four meetings a day, one each for literacy, maths, word study and topic.

Special Zoom videos have also been recorded for other subjects or updates on other topics too. This resource has provided us with a fantastic bridge to communicate, educate and protect our children.

Along with the assistance of these and other Youtube videos to provide subject overviews in case children cannot attend live meetings, we at Akaal have tried to promote our learning in the best possible way.

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We are Courage Class. Do you like our sketches?

We work very hard everyday and like to learn about lots of new things.

Autumn Term - The Queen’s Handbag

As part of our learning, we visited Crich Tramway Museum. We explored the museum to find out about transports from the past. It was such a cold day but our excitement of learning and finding out lots of information kept us going. We rode on the trams twice, we sat once at the top and once at the bottom. It was amazing!

Mission Impossible - Where Will the Queen Lift of to?

Our mission at the end of Autumn term was called ‘Where will the Queen Lift off to?’. We had a challenge of designing and making a new monument for the Queen to visit. We also made rockets for the Queen to travel in and used our imaginations to come up with a new story. Our inspiration came from the author called ‘Steve Anthony’. On the day of the mission, our parents came and we had rocket races. We also got our parents to take part in the races too. The parents were so competitive!! It was Rhia’s dad who won the race!

Our Values Book

Our class values book is an amazing way to showcase all the amazing learning that we do. We share our ideas and make things for the pages. The values book is a great way of capturing how busy we have been and all the things we have learnt.


As part of our learning about the Sikh religion, we have a weekly session for 45 minutes. This session allows us to learn lots of facts and build our knowledge. We will learn about where Sikhs worship, principles of Sikhi and festivals.

Celebration Time - Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Gurpurab

In January, we learnt all about Guru Gobind Singh Ji as it was his Gurpurab. Gurpurab means birthday in Gurmuki. We learnt so many facts about him! We all made a kalegi which has been placed around the edge of the display. Guru Ji wore a kalegi on his turban as a decorative piece. Check out the amazing work that we did.