Year 2


Welcome to the Kindness Class page. This year the class teacher will be Mrs Wallis, she will be supported in class by Mrs Lenton - Chodynska. Together the year two team will work together to provide the best possible learning opportunities and environment for the children. We are excited about the learning that will take place, the adventures we will go on and the memories that we will make throughout the year. If you need to speak to us we are available at the end of the day or via email. Please do speak to us if you need any help or support with your child’s learning. We take pride in our learning environment and we encourage the children to do so too.

What we do and how we do it…


Each week we have a mini mission, these are put in a mission list at the front of our topic books and key stamped if we have achieved our mission. We take lots of pride in our work and we think it looks amazing, we are very proud of what we have achieved.

With each topic we have a special room, we call this the Immersion Room, this room is used for role play and to inspire the creative juices of our children, we also use it as a room where we can further embed learning that has happened over the previous weeks. Our topics this year will be:

Prepare for Take off – Autumn Term

This will teach children about the history of flight including the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart and Amy Johnson, the science behind flight, where in the world you can fly to, work about Peter Pan and will also include a trip to Manchester airport where the children will find out about how airports really work, the jobs you can do and what happens to your bags after you check them in.

Mind the Gap – Spring Term

This will teach children about the history surrounding London, including The Great Fire of London, London transport, important buildings, where London is in the Uk, we will study the art work of Ben Moseley and there will be a residential trip to London.

I’m a Survivor – Summer Term

During this term children will learn about growing plants, animal life cycles, basic food chains and habitats in science. In geography children will learn the difference between human and physical geography, how to read maps, how to follow a compass and we will also be learning some basic survival skills like how to tie knots, how to filter water to make it safe and how to build a shelter. Alongside all of these wonderful learning opportunities we will be offering in school there will also be a survival skills trip where the children will get to put into practice what we have been learning in school.

Mission Impossible?

There will be three Mission Impossible tasks over the year, each ath the end of the mission work we have been completing. Our first Mission Impossible will be linked to our Prepare for Take-off work and will be called the Great Akaal Kite-off, who can make the most effective kite?

Mission Impossible 2 will be in the Spring term and will be linked to our Mind the Gap.

Mission work, this will be called ‘Can we locate and create a new Underground Station?’ The children will be challenged to look at the existing stations and monuments around London and design a station to fill the gap.

Mission Impossible 3 will be at the end of the Summer term and will be linked to our I’m a Survivor Mission work, this will be called ‘What are the most important things in a survival kit?’ Children will be challenged to create a survival kit including a survival book.


In maths we follow the National Curriculum, at the beginning of each Chapter we have a chapter introduction, this tells the children what they are learning and the small steps they need to do to achieve the objective. At the beginning of every chapter we ask the children to complete a pre assessment, this is so we can see what they know already and allows us to tailor the learning to what the need to know. At the end of each chapter we ask the children to complete an end of chapter assessment, this is their chance to show what they have learned, we like to look at this with each child and share the success with them.


Just like in maths we follow the National Curriculum for English, we study lots of different texts types including narrative stories, recounts, Newspaper reports, poetry, Information texts and many more. We have a chapter introduction for each area that we learn about. This sets out clearly what the children will be learning and the small steps they need to take to achieve the learning goal. Where possible we link the texts that we are studying in English to our Mission work. In the Autumn term we have been learning to write an adventure story based on the Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.

Phonics & Word Study

At the start of the year all children still have a daily phonics lesson, as a school we follow the Read, Write Inc. Programme. Children are assessed so that they can access the level that they need, children will be given a ‘take home’ book for each book they read and will learn a new sound each day. Why not ask your child which sound they have learned today?

Towards the end of the Autumn Term Year 2 will be taking the National Phonics assessment test, these results will be included in National Data. You will be informed of your child’s results when we are able to do so.


Reading is approached for a number of angles in year 2. We have weekly whole class reading sessions where we look at specific element of reading each week, these include:

  • Sequencing
  • Retrieval
  • Summarising
  • Inference
  • Prediction
  • Explaining
  • Vocabulary

Along side this we have colour banded books which the children take home and read with an adult, ideally we suggest that your child reads at home at least 4 times a week to ensure that that continue to make excellent progress. We check weekly how many times children have read and keep a log, the children who have read the most will receive a small reading related prize to reward them for their efforts.

Enrichment – Find my Rhythm

During this year children will learn to play Tabla with Mr Manku and will also have dance lessons with Yoga Jo.

The children thoroughly enjoy our Thursday afternoons.


Each day of the week we take part in a carousel of learning, this way we get to see lots of teachers and make the most of their knowledge and talents which helps us to learn. Here is what we do:

  • Monday – Sikhi with Mrs Kooner
  • Tuesday – RE with Mrs Carr
  • Wednesday – Personal Development with Mr Hallam
  • Thursday – Computing with Mr Peggs
  • Friday – Spanish with Mrs Wallis