Year 3


In Year 3, we begin building the foundations of key stage 2 learning after the children’s hard work from year 2 and finishing off key stage 1 in the best possible way with all their achievements which make them ready for this step.

In a wonderful, welcoming and exciting environment, year 3 is a space for children to know their place in school, build their independence and belief that they can learn on their own and motivate themselves to complete their work to the best of their ability. They will always have resources that they can access to assist them in their learning, but it is about them thinking for themselves, getting up and saying, ‘I need this to help me’ and use it to push their learning.

In literacy, we look at a range of writing styles and text types and stories to give children a range to build from and be able to adapt their writing depending on what they are talking about. We always try to link it to our topics so that the information flows through each area and they can borrow ideas from different learning opportunities to progress their learning.

In maths, we continue to push the children in the 4 operations and use larger numbers to progress the learning from key stage 1 and try and adapt this learning into real life situations so that children can apply their learning in the future such as addition being linked to money and measuring being linked to cooking.

In topic, we teach a wide range of foundation subjects in the form of missions and each mission takes on a different aspect of our curriclumn. This year, our topics are the ‘Golden Ticket’, ‘It’s a Mystery’ and ‘What a Wonderful World’.

Word Study

Word study is our way of showing our children at Akaal Primary school the different spelling rules and patterns that they may see in different words. To achieve this, we follow the steps of Sort, Explore, Challenge and Reflect so that children are exposed to the words in various ways so they can understand the rule, know the meanings and be able to use it in the appropriate way in future pieces of work.

In Year 3, we continue to look at different suffixes and prefixes. We look deeper into different homophones and what they were and recognise which is which. And we also look at punctuation such as the possessive apostrophe. We do also reflect back on year 2 learning in order to cement our word study foundations so that it gives solid progress to our spelling and writing.


In Courage class, we have our opportunities to read, change books, enjoy our class story and also take part in our reading sessions.

During our Monday reading sessions, we don’t just read, we look at different aspects of reading such as inferring, retrieving, explaining, summarising, sequencing and looking at vocabulary which is delivered in different ways either in pictures, videos or different topic related books.


In year 3, we continue on the great work they achieve in year 2 and push them higher in their learning in order for them to master key math skills. With the four operations we look at a range at different methods to find a solution that helps your children learn the best way they can in order to achieve their best. We also look at other areas like fractions geometry, measures, time and statistics so that children can recognise them in the world and why they are used and how we can dive deeper past the method into the reasoning and problem-solving aspects of these mathematical aspects.

Topic- Golden Ticket

In Topic, we have been looking at all sorts of different areas relating to the world of chocolate. We have a range of different missions from discussing the history of chocolate and where it has come from to designing our own sweets and machines to pitch an idea to Mr. Willy Wonka! Our children have been really enthusiastic about our topic and have learnt some new skills along the way. Here is a range of pictures to show our different missions.

Mission Impossible!

For our Mission Impossible! We had to discover who Roald Dahl’s missing child after finding out that he created more characters for the ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ story. Let's see how they fair soon...