Year 4

Home Learning

Over the course of lockdown, the teaching staff at Akaal Primary school have endeavoured to provide education and home learning to help the children at home with routine, structure and education.

We have used the Zoom application to provide a safe education space for children and host four meetings a day, one each for literacy, maths, word study and topic.

Special Zoom videos have also been recorded for other subjects or updates on other topics too. This resource has provided us with a fantastic bridge to communicate, educate and protect our children.

Along with the assistance of these and other Youtube videos to provide subject overviews in case children cannot attend live meetings, we at Akaal have tried to promote our learning in the best possible way.

Click Here to View an Example Video (External Link)


Our topic for this term is based on the story “Where My Wellies Take Me” by Michael and Clare Morpurgo.

Word Study

Word study is the study of various sounds, suffixes and prefixes that go into the English language. There are four main stages:

  • Sort
  • Explore
  • Challenge
  • Reflect

During these four main stages, the children will be asked to sort the words based around the chosen focus. They will then explore it by (for example) searching for the definitions of the words in the dictionary, including how the prefix/suffix may change the word. The challenge section will be the children applying what they have learned before the reflect section will then usually be a spelling test.

In year 4, we look at a range of different suffixes (including tion, sion, cian, ssion and ation, and –ous), and prefixes (including super, inter, anti, auto, im, irr, re), as well as sounds within words. (ch, que, gue, sc).


Reading is done in a different way to other schools. Rather than the children all sit and read from a book, there are always different ways of using inference, including reading a picture or a video. We focus on 7 key areas in our reading, which are: Prediction, Inference, Retrieval, Vocabulary, Explanation, Sequencing, Summarising. As mentioned, these seven areas can be explored in more than just words on a page, even videos in languages that we do not understand!


Our maths work throughout Year 4 focuses on the main number areas (Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), as well as fractions and decimals, measurement, properties of shape, position and direction, and statistics.

Our maths focuses on the children learning the core skills, before moving on. We do not move onto a different area until the children have achieved the learning objective.

Mastery & Greater Depth

Once your child has accomplished the learning objective, they will be able to move into greater depth of the objective. As opposed to simply giving the children work from the next year group (which would be Year 5), we instead work deeper on the objective. This can include a variety of different activities based around the objective, such as investigations and problem solving, or perhaps writing something in a different way to what they have done already, such as from a different perspective.


At Akaal, we do a carousel of teaching for certain lessons. Truth class’ schedule is as follows:

  • Monday- Computing with Mr Peggs
  • Tuesday- RE with Mrs Carr
  • Wednesday- Personal Development with Mr Hallam
  • Thursday- Spanish with Mrs Wallis
  • Friday- Sikh Studies with Mrs Rai

Museum Trip


Our PE is taught by Kenny, the former Prince William Award instructor, who teaches a range of different skills throughout the year.

In the first term, he teaches athletics, and in the term just before Christmas, he teaches gymnastics.

In the Spring term, the children learn the skills of kicking, before moving on to playing various games that involve kicking, not just football!

In the summer term, the children will learn the skill of kicking with accuracy. The summer term also includes the children getting an opportunity to play cricket on our large field.

Stone Age Music in the Forest

Chess Club

Science - Cup & String Experiment

Learning Challenge

We had to present an invention that we thought was the best and the parents then had to vote for which one they thought was the most important.

Values Book

Immersion Room - Pippa's Wood