Lunchtime at Akaal Primary is currently split into two sittings as we still have some Covid precautions in place.

At 12:15pm – 12:45pm - Reception, Y1 and Y2 classes have lunch whilst all KS2 classes are outside playing.

At 12:45pm – 13:15pm - KS2 classes come in for dinner and Y1 and Y2 go out to play in the main playground. Our Reception class return to their outdoor learning area. As the year progresses they will spend an increased amount of time in the bigger playground.

We operate a table service system supported by each child wearing a coloured band (red/green) to indicate which meal choice they have ordered. Children who have any relevant allergy will also have a blue band to alert the staff.

Before the meal begins we all say The Langar Prayer/Lunchtime Prayer. Each day this is led by a child. If your child does not follow the Sikh religion we ask they just sit respectfully while the prayer is being said.

All meals are respectful of the Sikh way of life, whilst being in line with the government food nutrition guidelines. For this reason the school does not serve anything containing meat, fish or eggs. We also ask that food brought from home also follows this request.

Once the meal is finished all children in the first sitting will wait for their staff member to escort them outside. This is repeated for the second sitting, with the children returning to classrooms rather than the playground.

We have removed the bubble zone play from the playground as this precaution is, currently, no longer an essential part of Covid management. However, some areas of the playground are allocated on a rota basis for health and safety reasons. These include the MUGA, Ninja Trail, the field (for football), the well-being wood, the library.

After the children have returned to learning our Lunchtime supervisors will clear up, wipe all tables down, sweep the floor and use our industrial floor cleaner to make sure the hall space is all ready for afternoon lessons and after school clubs.

We always welcome any Parent volunteers to come and help during the lunchtime period, if this is something you are interested in doing email Mrs Davey on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.