At Akaal Primary School, we have been able to advance into a new idea of sharing ideas and looking at what ways we can better our school in different areas and promote our school past the fences so that we are also able to help the wider the community in a variety of ways. This new way has started off brilliantly and it starts with the MP’s from each year group and then filters down to the committees which include the whole school to build on those ideas.



Our MP’s were voted in by their class mates after process of making a case of why they wanted to become MP’s for the school. All came up with great arguments on why they wanted to take on the role and explained some of their ideas on how to move the school forward. Each month the MPs have meeting with the head teacher to discuss ideas that their classes have spoken about and be able to have a conversation in a mature and independent way to solve some of the key quires from the people who matter the most.


+ Community

Looking outward from our school gates, looking at ways to help the vunerable, looking at ways we can promote our community and becoming a welcoming and keystone in society as a growing school.

+ Eco & Environment

One of the biggest questions that is always spoken about is ‘how can we make our planet more eco-friendly?’ Well at Akaal Primary School our Eco committee are looking at ways on how we can shrink our eco footprint and help and lead the way in helping our environment.

+ Events

As our school is a growing school, we are always looking for ways to improve. With this the event committee has discussed a range of events to put on, whether it is a club at lunchtime or a charity fundraising event for our selected charities. However the greatest part to this is that it is children ran; this builds independence and appreciation for what adults sometimes have to do.

+ Playground

Who else is there to ask about the playground than the people who use it the most… Kids! Our playground committee discuss and research the best ideas to make playtime a more fun and unique time to enjoy and also making our other outdoor areas usable for learning or just outright fun.

+ STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths

This committee looks at all of these areas and how we can benefit from them as a school. Each area can be looked at in detail and our committee is looking at awards in this area which we can bring home to the Akaal family and provide unique learning opportunities.

+ Values & Wellbeing

Our Wellbeing is one of the most valued things that we pride ourselves on at Akaal, this includes staff and students. We want our young minds ready to take on any challenge and have that feeling that they can do anything and be able to push themselves. Also we look at ways to show the values of our school and think about how this can be displayed around school so all children are reminded.


Alongside these committees and the children that are in them belong to a house. The committees represent each house. The 6 houses are related to colours of our logo and the children can earn tokens to build up against the other houses. Currently our token drive is focused on lunchtimes. With food being very important, children are encouraged to clean their main course meals so they are ready for the afternoon and this way earn their coloured token.