Mental Health, Wellbeing & Personal Development

At Akaal Primary School we pride ourselves in teaching a well-rounded and unique Personal Development curriculum which allows children to grow holistically, not just mentally, but with life skills and first aid. This curriculum is taught from Year 1, all the way through school, giving the children a chance to face unique challenges that allow them to grow and become responsible young people- whether it is facing mental health issues, learning how to brush teeth correctly, planning and cooking a meal, and learning to clean a house from top to bottom.

The curriculum also teaches children how to grow, build self-esteem and deal with different scenarios that they may face as they grow up, including the use of social media, and how to handle bullying. As well as Personal Development having a set, allocated time within the school day, it is also interwoven throughout the curriculum in order for children to become a well-rounded individual. In our Personal Development lessons, children participate in a range of ways from practical, written, drama and discussion. Below are some examples of the six-week programs that your children will be able to take part in. These are working documents that will consistently change and update, as the children grow and change.

Wellbeing Award

In September 2019, we began a journey to become a recognised Mental Health and Wellbeing school. This is an award that is given by the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools at Leeds Beckett University, and it was an opportunity to show off all of the amazing things that we do as a school to support the mental health and well-being of your children. Mrs Rai began the course, and then supported and guided Mr Hallam in finishing it when she went off on her maternity leave. The course was a great chance for us to talk about everything that we do, in and around school, as well as providing evidence of the children having an amazing time in whichever activity it was.

Ultimately, it was nice (and very emotional) looking at all of the different memories we had made, despite the outbreak of COVID, and it was a great reminder of everything we did before the pandemic, as well as everything we were doing to support our children during it. We finally received our Bronze award in January 2021, but this is not the end- we will now be aiming for our Silver Award, so watch this space!

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