What is a Sikh Faith school?

Sikh Faith

Akaal Primary School is a Sikh faith school established to provide an excellent all-round education which is grounded in Sikh values and the key principles of the Sikh faith, also referred to as Sikhi.

Sikhi is unequivocal in arguing the case for complete equality and respect for all. Respect must not be confined to the mere expressing of noble principles but - through the principle of Sarbat da Bhalla – must be reflected in the service of all those around us and beyond.

"Akaal" is a Gurmukhi term meaning the Eternal or Timeless Being. Our vision at Akaal Primary School is to embed Sikh principles of equality and respect amongst our pupils. The concept of the unity of God according to Sikh teachings is one which sees the world and every material aspect of creation as existing within the Divine. Equality amongst all human beings is a central tenet of the egalitarian spirit of the Sikh faith.

The major tenets of the Sikh faith encourage working towards four main goals:

Kirat Karni

Economic independence through honest earning, hence achieving a greater sense of self-reliance and individual autonomy. Everyone should exercise their God-given skills, abilities and talents for the benefit and improvement of society and all its members, and practice truthfulness and honesty in all dealings.

Naam Japna

Individual and collective welfare or creating mental peace and self-management to reduce impulsive anti-social behaviour and to realise corporate responsibility and well-being for all. Quiet meditation and the singing of (and listening to) sacred scriptures are of critical importance in Sikhi.

Vand ke Chhakana

Sharing all forms of wealth such as money, skills, knowledge and other resources with all to create equality in society. This serves as an inspiration and reminder that we all have obligations towards each other and helps to provide a tangible, mutual support structure. This concept acknowledges the fact that everything one receives is by the Hukam (God’s Will)


Service beyond self as selfless service to humanity equals service to God in the Sikh faith. Giving and serving others should form part of the normal school environment. Teachers, other staff, parents and volunteers can serve as exemplary role models.